Generation Data

Young Analytics connects data talent and guides highly educated starters and young professionals to jobs of the future


Generation Data

Young Analytics connects data talent and guides highly educated starters and young professionals to jobs of the future

Young Analytics forms Generation Data

You are ready to start your career in the world of data! Young Analytics connects you with jobs of the future at top employers. We believe in the power of knowledge sharing. That is why you also get access to the latest data training and events and you are part of our network of inspiring data professionals.

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This is how we work

Curious how we can help you with that new job? We have outlined the procedure for you:

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1. Apply
Leave your resume at our vacancy page or simply apply and become part of Generation Data. Our recruiters will carefully review your cv and contact you by e-mail or phone.
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2. Let's talk
Next, we take the time to further explore your interests, skills and ambitions in a videocall of about 45 minutes.
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3. Preparation interview client
We submit your profile to the client. If the client is enthusiastic, you will be invited for an interview. Through our intensive training, we make sure you are ready for the interview!
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4. Interview client
The interview with our client takes about 1 hour and will take place online or at the client's office (depending on guidelines from the government and RIVM). Our account manager is also present to provide you with valuable feedback afterwards.

Our Data Heroes have their say

Read how they change the world with data.

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We know the data landscape

To drive innovation and transformation, Data Heroes are essential to your team. Young Analytics is your the link to Generation Data. We understand what Generation Data is looking for in a job and how this talent can be recruited, motivated and retained. Through innovative recruitment and marketing techniques, we reach the right candidates at the right time.

About Young Analytics

Young Analytics

Young Analytics was founded in 2016 and is a sister company of Young Financials (founded in 2005, secondment and recruitment company of national and international young finance professionals). Young Analytics connects Generation Data with future-focused organizations. Our highly educated Data Heroes are trained by professional training institutes, guided by an in-house coach, and are part of a network of inspiring data professionals. Young Analytics is a recognized referent; both domestic and foreign talent can apply.

Career Advice, Coffee & Croissants!

In addition to being specialized in recruiting and matching Young Professionals, we are also passionate and enthusiastic about advising orienting master’s students in their search for a great job. That is why we are glad to invite you every third Friday of the month at: Career Advice, Coffee & Croissants (please note that these dates may vary due to possible holiday periods). So click on more information and apply now!