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At Young Analytics you will find challenging Junior Data positions for highly educated young professionals. We have multiple positions as Junior Data Analyst, Junior Data Scientist and Junior Data Engineer. As a starting data professional, you’ve come to the right place and we will connect you with a position that matches your interests and ambitions. Check out our Junior data vacancies! 

You can easily apply by leaving your name and CV at a specific vacancy. Is your dream job not listed? Even then we are happy to help you! Click below on ‘How we work’, sign up by applying openly or feel free to contact us to find your new data job!

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Data Science Jobs

Data Science Vacancies

Data is everywhere and the possibilities are endless! Our data science vacancies are for young professionals who get excited about digging through and analyzing complex data sets. You are a go-getter who knows how to obtain insights from data and can communicate this in a clear way to all kinds of relevant stakeholders. Apply now for one of our Junior Data Science vacancies and kickstart your career at a top employer in one of the four largest cities in the Netherlands. Moreover, you will join our network of successful data heroes!

Junior Data Analyst

Junior Data Analyst

As a Junior Data Analyst you know how to solve business issues by working with various business-related data. This can be for commercial, operational or financial purposes. You identify opportunities and possible risks. A successful Junior Data Analyst is a star at analyzing and interpreting data. You know your way around in a jungle of several systems and you understand where the data comes from. Retrieving, cleaning, preparing and improving data is all part of your job as a Junior Data Analyst. You also build reports and dashboards and regularly work with VBA, SQL or Python. Junior Data Analysts have most likely completed a Master’s degree in (Quantitative) Finance, Information Management, Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy

Junior Strategy Process Consultant

Junior Data Scientist

As a Junior Data Scientist you work with large and complex structured and unstructured data sets from multiple sources. It is the task of a Junior Data Scientist to convert the data into clear and useful information to support management in making decisions. This is similar to a Junior Data Analyst role. However, while a Junior Data Analyst focuses on processing historical data into useful information, a Junior Data Scientist deals with predictions by building models and extrapolating data. It is a must to be analytically very strong and to make valuable connections and recognize data patterns. Several programming languages are used on a regular basis, such as Python, R, VBA and SQL. Junior Data Scientists have most likely completed a Master’s degree in e.g. Data Science, Econometrics, Mathematics, Information Management, Physics or Astronomy

Junior Data Engineer

Junior Data Engineer

As a Junior Data Engineer you work for various levels within an organization. You are the architect of data flows and you create (machine learning) data pipelines, so data analysts and data scientists are able to perform data analyses. This is done by linking, organizing and making data accessible into one central data warehouse. It enables organizations to obtain useful information from a single data source. Scripts and algorithms are made and as a Junior Data Engineer you gain in-depth technical skills, such as Python, R, VBA, Java, C#, database management and cloud services. Junior Data Engineers have most likely completed a Master’s degree in, for example, Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science or Information Management.

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