Excelling in a job interview: 8 tips from experienced professionals

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Job interviews can be an exciting experience, especially in the competitive financial sector. But with the right preparation and a well-thought-out approach, you can distinguish yourself from other candidates. In this blog, we share tips from experienced professionals that can help you with your next job interview. Do you want to prepare as best as possible for your next job application? Read on quickly!


  1. Dress standards and presentation

In addition to appearing neat, it is essential to do research into the clothing standard within the organization. In general, ‘casual/business chic’ is a good choice. Make sure your clothing meets the organization’s expectations.


  1. Personal introduction

Say something personal with your introduction. Personal stories stick better and distinguish you from other applicants. Share something unique about yourself that is relevant to the position. This way you make a lasting impression. For a convincing introduction, also check out our blog about the Elevator Pitch.


  1. Online interviews and attitude

Nowadays many interviews take place online. The following sounds obvious, but we often see it go wrong: ensure a stable internet connection, sit straight in front of the camera, and adopt an active attitude. Also, provide a quiet background without distractions.


  1. Eye contact and effective communication

During the interview, it is important to make eye contact with the interviewers. This shows that you are actively listening and you have a natural conversation. Avoid a simple question-answer scenario and show your conversation partners that you are committed.


  1. Time and peace when you have questions

Take your time answering questions, even if you get stuck. Think logically and don’t worry about short silences. It is more important to give a thoughtful answer than to react hastily.


  1. STAR method

Good preparation is half the job. Read more about the STAR Method for an in-depth understanding of how to present your experiences effectively. This helps you to identify specific situations and thus underline your suitability for the position.


  1. Case or scenario questions

For case or scenario questions, continue asking questions to the interviewers and explaining your thought process step by step. This not only shows your problem-solving skills but also creates an interactive conversation that gets your conversation partner involved.


  1. End of the conversation

Ask good questions back at the end of the conversation. This not only shows your interest but also gives you insight into the employer’s expectations. Avoid negative references to previous answers and focus on a positive ending, even during post-interview small talk.


By taking these tips with you, you will be well-prepared and make a professional impression during your job interview. Be yourself, ask specific questions, and show your enthusiasm for the position. Good luck at your next job interview!

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