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The Netherlands guide for young professionals

Visa in The Netherlands

Young Analytics is there for both EU and non-EU candidates, as a recognized sponsor we are able to employ and deploy candidates with residence permit requirements. With over 17 years of experience in supporting international young professional starters, we provide all information to help you get started in the Netherlands. For example, how to obtain a visa for The Netherlands. When is a visa required? What kind of visas are there in The Netherlands? And what kind of visa do you need? You can find the right information here. If you want more comprehensive information about visas in The Netherlands, download our Working as a Young Professional in The Netherlands Guide at the bottom of the page!

Visa requirement

When is a visa required for a young professional in the Netherlands?
  • When you’re you not from the EU, EEA or Switzerland


  • If you’re not holding a search year visa after studying in The Netherlands
The Dutch Tax System
Expat Visa netherlands

Different types of visas

What type of visa do you need?

If you want to work in the Netherlands, you need a residence permit. There are different kinds of permits depending on your situation, for example:

  • Highly skilled migrant visa
  • Search year visa
  • MVV
  • GVVA

Want to know what these different kinds of visas are and which one you need?

Or do you want to know all about starting a career in The Netherlands as a Young Professional? Then easily drop your contact details below and download our Working as a Young Professional in The Netherlands Guide!

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